The US Postal Exams

The 473 Postal Exam (also known as 473e)

The United State Postal Service posts its job openings online as the need arises. While the 473-exams was once given on a 2-year cycle, applicants now have the option of completing Part D of the 473-exam online at any time.  This portion of the 473-exam can now be completed without the need for a professional proctor. The 473-exam sections are as follows – 

  • Part A – Checking addresses.
  • Part B – Completing forms.
  • Part C – Coding and Memory applications.
  • Part D – Personal and Professional Experience.

When an applicant successfully completes Part D of the exam, the USPS will then schedule the applicant to sit for Parts A, B and C within 2 weeks following the date that he or she passed Part D. The final three parts of the 473-exam must be completed at a USPS approved testing facility, as these portions of the exam are required to be proctored. There is no fee to take the USPS 473-test.

When the 473-exam is completed, a job applicant can utilize their score to apply for other USPS job openings for at least several years. USPS job applicants should keep track of the test’s tracking number, as this is the identifying marker for future job applications and other communications.

The Postal 473-exam is required for more than 75% of post office jobs; the remaining USPS job openings are for positions at the corporate level. The postal positions that generally required the successful completion of the 473-exam include –

  • Rural Letter Carriers.
  • City Carriers.
  • Processing Clerks.
  • Distribution Workers.
  • Other Mail Handling Workers, among others.

Preparing for the 473-Exam

To ensure you optimize your performance on the USPS 473-exam, exam-takers are advised to sufficiently prepare for the 473-exam, before they actually sit for the exam. The most effective and efficient way to put your best foot forward is to understand what the tests cover and, to practice the test by using our free postal exam questions. 

If you are looking for more postal exam material, check out other resources we offer. 

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