USPS Employees – Short Term Disability Insurance

Short-term disability insurance for postal employees provides important income protection. Many insurers choose not to cover USPS workers because of the physical nature of the job, and the high claims rates associated with repetitive tasks.

However, there are at least two viable options.

More than one carrier classifies postal workers as federal government employees and allows them to participate in a voluntary group plan. In addition, a union offers an alternative with limitations to dues-paying members.

Also, women who purchase the ideal short-term disability policy prior to conception could enjoy valuable maternity leave benefits before her delivery date and after.

USPS Short-Term Disability Benefits

USPS short-term disability insurance with robust benefit choices can be hard to find. The repetitive tasks associated with the postal occupation (walking, lifting, bending, and standing) leads to high claims experience. This makes insurers nervous.

However, three options do exist with unique pros and cons and one common exclusion for pre-existing health conditions.

  1. Individual plans bought outside of work have strict application rules
  2. Voluntary policies for federal employees have the richest features
  3. UPWU plans have limited benefits for dues-paying members only

Pre-Existing Conditions

All short-term disability policy types have one common exclusion that applies across the board to all wage earners – including USPS Liteblue employees. They exclude pre-existing health conditions.

 You must purchase coverage before becoming sick, hurt, or pregnant in order to buy a policy or file a claim for benefits. 

These three alternatives may be a more fruitful place to turn if you already have an existing medical condition (injury, sickness, or pending surgery).

  1. Personal loans offer emergency cash for temporary losses
  2. Debt settlement programs could offer relief from obligations over time
  3. State-based financial assistance resources apply in some situations