Calling Postal EASE..

PostalEase – Your USPS ID Number and PIN number is needed when calling PostalEase that is no different than you are using for the electronic bidding. The PostalEASE PIN will be sent to all USPS employees by mail. So just wait for the letter arrive and keep it securely.

In case you forget your USPS P.I.N number when calling PostalEase,just pause if the system requires you entering the PIN numbet. You’ll be offered an option to get your own USPS PIN number sent by mail to your current address in the file.

Remember that the TSP PIN number is not the same as your PostalEase PIN number

The toll free number for PostalEase: 1-877-4PSEASE (1-877-4773273)

When problem occured when you are using USPS postal ease, or can not contact using the phone because of deaf, hearing difficulty, or you get another health reason, you can ask for help through local office.

About your PIN:

Please contact PostalEASE telephone number 1-877-477-3273 should you not know your own PIN number.

  • Listen carefully to every one of the options.
  • Press 1 to gain access to PostalEase and Enter your own Employee I.D Number.
  • Press 2   “for those who don’t know your own PIN number.
  • You will hear on the on phone that a PIN # is going to be sent by mail to your own current address.
  • And next You could hang up the phone now. There is no any confirmation number wou will receive for this call.

In seven to ten days you will get your PIN number sent to you

Remember: your PostalEASE PIN # is not similar as your own TSP PIN number.

How to change the PIN?

Have your new PIN that you wish to have ready, contact PostalEase:

  • From all the option when you listening the telephone, press 3 to change your own PIN.
  • Please enter the Employee ID of yours.
  • And then they will ask you to enter your current PIN
  • And after that you need follow the instruction to be able to change the PIN


LiteBlue.USPS.Gov: PostalEASE…


Nowadays PostalEASE is accessible on the internet by going to www. LiteBlue.USPS.Gov(US Postal Service website).To access the website a US Postal Service Employee need to have the USPS Employee ID ready puls the USPS PIN number everytime he or she wants to view the  postalease liteblue system online.

PostalEase is the U.S. has a function as a Postal Service’s phone enrollment system for TSP transactions (Thrift Savings Plan), allotments, Direct Deposit and many more.
The toll free for PostalEASE: 1-877-4773273 (1-877-4PSEASE).

 Before calling PostalEASE here is the information you need to have ready:
– The SS Number (Social Security)
– Your own PIN Number. For you that do not know or forget your PIN, please contact  PostalEASE, provide everything  required to request the PIN, and it will be sent to your address for less than 10 days – PostalEASE

You can Use Postal EASE:
a)To start contributing to Thrift Savings Plan (TSP),
b)Replace the percentage of your existing Thrift Savings Plan contibution, or
c)You can stop (cancel) (stop) your own current Thrift Savings Plan contributions

Please note that: point (a) and point (b) might be done only during the open seasons of TSP , that are publicized.

If PostalEASE is used for your own allowance to bank selections, please note that you need to have your personal information information ready such as:
• The routing number from your Financial Institution (9 digit)
• The type of your account and account number

When you finished to complete the transaction you would hear your own confirmation number, when your own selections is going to be processed, also when choices you made is going to be shown in your pay check. Record / save this important information details for your own reference.