– The Online Acces For USPS Employees is the internet web-site link where all USPS employees could log on and access the LiteBlue online, which is a part of the United States Postal Service Extranet. United States Postal Service (USPS), an independent agency of the American federal govt, was founded in 1775 & shoulders the responsibility of postal service in the USPS had set up LiteBlue internet site to provide easy and also simple access of information to its nearly 650,000 U.S.P.S employees / workers that will help to make communication faster through the internet  online portal service (

If currently you are working for United States Postal Service “USPS”, you will need to visit this LiteBlue internet portal site for checking more information regarding your own U.S.P.S employment prospects, monitoring your growth, knowing regarding the income & service performance,the US Postal Service employee recognition plan, the products being offered,  and many other things. Through the site you can give your own suggestions to the particular higher United States Postal Service management & could control your benefits much better, by adjusting those to satisfy your changing demands, throughout open season. You need to Input your own eight-digit number of your USPS Employee #I.D that that is located on top of the earning statement of yours plus USPS Pin number to login to  internet site and get every data information you need right away.

If you don’t remember your own USPS P.I.N number, you may push ‘click here’ button link & provide your own eight-digit USPS Employee  Identification to reset. But, you need to keep in mind that LiteBlue is provided for your own personal use only and you are not allowed to use the site for job related purpose beyond your own job schedule program.

When an American federal employee / a USPS worker applies to get disability retirement plan through O.P.M (Office of Personnel management) under FERS or CSRS, one component which the applicant have to provide is that their own employing Bureau has tried, unfortunately can not, accommodate her or him.

To meet this specific component, the US Federal Govt worker or USPS worker would have to obtain a certification provided by the bureaus’s supervisor (HR/ER/LR office). In the certification have to say that the United states postal service or Federal bureau has examined all empty positions within a acceptable geographic location, and which usually you’ll find not any at the exact same grade, pay level & period inside the commuting region that the USPS worker or US federal employee could

If the Human Resources/Employee Relations/Labor Relations people at the Government agency or USPS can find a empty position which the applicant could perform using their own medical limitations and condition, the US Federal Employee won’t be given USPS ** disability retirement.lite blue gov

But, some American Federal Government Bureaus, quite often the U.S.P.S, might allocate disabled workers to light work or limited task positions & claim they’ve got covered them. For example, the U.S.P.S often allocate worker to the Lobby Director job position. In the case of EEO, the U.S.P.S may consider the duty of Lobby Director isn’t a formal job position, and doesn’t meet the criteria as task to get accommodation purposes. But, I’ve seen the US postal service take the opposite position while trying to halt a worker from obtaining USPS disability retirement .

If the USPS put you within a light / limited task position, or perhaps allocate you some random duties with no any position description, so you are not disqualified from getting USPS disability retirement. Bear in mind about any Company supervisors or Human Resources/Employee Relations/Labor Relations representatives in the Agency that will suggest you to do the opposite.

Things That You Are Able To Do Via Lite Blue:

1) You are allowed to change Your own SSP LiteBlue security password
2) Learn and Understand about your own Career Improvement
3) View the Income Revenue generated
4) Keep informed relating to Service Performance
5) You can Learn regarding all of the Products provided
6) Watch who’s getting Recognition
7) Access PostalEASE
8) and also you can give feedback

Lite Blue – For all questions regarding USPS disability retirement, please visit the internet site that specially created for all US Postal Service employees or workers. It is an internet network where all USPS employees across the Nation could meet on-line through the LiteBlue internet site, discuss and also ask about anything regarding the duty, retirement, disability, health benefit, pension & many more. All they ask to access network is your own US Postal Service  Employee ID and also PIN number .”


USPS Employment Requirements You Should Know About

LiteBlue – Have you been thinking to be an USPS employee? Or maybe just wondering what it would be like to work with the USPS Employment system.  If you are  having that kind of thingking in your mind, we get some some answer for your question. If you consider to become or join the USPS Employment team, so you may want to find out regarding the requirements to become the USPS Employment.

Just like any job in America, there is certainly 1 fundamental requirement: you must be a U.S citizen. But, to get accepted in USPS work, there is other thing beside being a citizen of America, you need to be a at least 18 year old American citizen. It’s the 1st thing which you will discover among any other requirements….

The next thing is for males. Those born after the year 1959 have to be a part of something. This is referred to as the Selective Service System. Don’t ask us why, this is just a part of the things that are mandatory of you.USPS Employment

The next thing that you will find is that you have to tell them who you’ve worked for in the past. Those who have had a lot of experience will need to list their employers from the last ten years. However, those who are just starting out in the working world won’t need to go as far back. They will only need to list those they’ve worked for since they were sixteen years of age.

They will also look into the typical things such as your criminal convictions if you have had any. They want to make sure they can depend on you. That means that they want to know that you haven’t been into any serious kinds of trouble. On top of that, they might even do a drug test on you as well to make sure you are clean in that area as well..”LiteBlue

While they are looking into things, they might even look into your driving record. They would  want to know that you carry insurance. You will be on their insurance as well. Therefore, they don’t want you if you are going to cost them money. So, they will want to know that you know how to drive and well for that matter.

Last, they will access that you are in good physical condition. They know that this job is demanding. You know that it will be demanding. You will be on your feet long hours. It might even entail that you have to be able to pick up a certain amount. Therefore, you are asked to have a physical done before they will hire you. This is what you need to know about USPS Employment requirement.” LiteBlue

To help you locate and apply for jobs with the U.S Postal Service, please check out our guide to finding USPS Employment.


Calling Postal EASE..

PostalEase – Your USPS ID Number and PIN number is needed when calling PostalEase that is no different than you are using for the electronic bidding. The PostalEASE PIN is going to be sent to all USPS employees by mail. So just wait for the letter arrive and keep it securely.

In case you forget your USPS P.I.N number when calling PostalEase,just pause if the system requires you entering the PIN numbet. You’ll be offered an option to get your own USPS PIN number sent by mail to your current address in the file.

Remember that the TSP PIN number is not the same as your PostalEase PIN number

The toll free number for PostalEase: 1-877-4PSEASE (1-877-4773273)

When problem occured when you are using USPS postal ease, or can not contact using the phone because of deaf, hearing difficulty, or you get another health reason, you can ask for help through local office.

About your PIN:

Please contact PostalEASE telephone number 1-877-477-3273 should you not know your own PIN number.

  • Listen carefully to every one of the options.
  • Press 1 to gain access to PostalEase and Enter your own Employee I.D Number.
  • Press 2   “for those who don’t know your own PIN number.
  • You will hear on the on phone that a PIN # is going to be sent by mail to your own current address.
  • And next You could hang up the phone now. There is no any confirmation number wou will receive for this call.

In seven to ten days you will get your PIN number sent to you

Remember: your PostalEASE PIN # is not similar as your own TSP PIN number.

How to change the PIN?

Have your new PIN that you wish to have ready, contact PostalEase:

  • From all the option when you listening the telephone, press 3 to change your own PIN.
  • Please enter the Employee ID of yours.
  • And then they will ask you to enter your current PIN
  • And after that you need follow the instruction to be able to change the PIN


How to Use USPS PostalEASE

Manage Your Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Enrollment

The USPS PostalEASE telephone system and web site provide a convenient, confidential, and secure way for U.S. Postal Service employees to newly enroll, change current enrollment, or cancel enrollment in the Fed Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program. If you have access to USPS PostalEASE on the Internet ( (external link)), at an Employee Self-Service Kiosk (available in some facilities), or on the Intranet (from the Blue page), using these may be easier than using the telephone.

Things that you could do By using the USPS PostalEASE services:

  • Making an adjustment to your own existing enrollment on F.E.H.B Open Season (Nov 14, 2013 until Dec 13, 2013 @ 5 pm. US Central Time).
  • To make an election as a new employee around sixty days from the start of working.
  • Enter the information of your dependents. Remember that the information of the family member that is filled in the USPS PostalEASE isn’t carried to health or medical plans unless of course there’s an enrolment change; especially, the change from Your Self Only to become Your Self & Family or possibly from one medical health option or plan to another plan.
  • To verify coverage as well as adding newly eligible kids to family and your self  enrollment you Need to contact your own medical  plan straightaway.

If you are experiencing a qualifying life event described inside the Table of Permisible Changes that are placed from the the year Guide to Benefit —

  • RI70-2A for A.P.W.U employees,
  • RI70-2EX for P.C.E.S employees (Postal Career Executive Service ),
  • RI70-2IN for United States Postal Inspectors &  career Office of the Inspector General employees, or
  • RI  70-8PS for career other than US Postal Services  employees is found at the web link listed below,  as well as
  • you need to newly enroll or register,
  • to change your own enrollment,
  • to terminate your enrollment, or even
  • reducing your own insurance coverage,

you need to contact the HRSSC for support as described and guided in the upcoming paragraph. ” PostalEase

The HRSSC  needed to be contacted for assistance  if:You may contact the Human Resources Shared Service Center  for assistance if:

  •  you are have hearing problem, or
  •  you are unable to use the phone, the Internet, the Employees SelfService kiosk or Intra-net for a health cause, or
  • you are receiving a message from USPS PostalEASE instructing you to make contact with  HRSSC (Human Resources Shared Service Centre ) when trying to make some changes.

The toll free number for Employee Service is 1-877-4773273 . When prompted, you need to choose 5 for HRSSC (Human Resources Shared Service Centre). Then opt for Benefit to talk to a representative that would help you.

Using TTY to contact the HRSSC , dial 1-866-2607507. Leave your own name,  telephone number or email address  where you could be contacted together with the message that indicate the call you made is relating to USPS PostalEASE matter.

If you aren’t creating any changes modifications to your own current F.E.H.B enrollment, you definitely don’t have to do anything. In the USPS 2012 Guides to Benefits   you can find More details about using USPS PostalEASE .

PostalEase NOTE: The info /data on this site is based on all the information from the USPS & the accuracy of the  data information are completely their responsibility.” PostalEase “…….